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Custom measuring

We undertake custom measuring having years of experience as a leading company in powder processing machine industry.eng.png
We are willing to help you with your product in our laboratory control, trouble solution or research and development.
Various measuring equipment is available to meet your requirements.
Do not hesitate to ask us if you have any question on our custom measuring service. Our experts are willing to respond to your questions.

Grading Analysis

  1. The measuring equipment we use.gradinganalysis.png
    We can handle wide range of particle size distribution measuring with high accuracy and reproducibility from nano-meter to micron-meter sizes regardless of wet or dry powders.
    For the research and development or product quality control of nao-level size products such as fibres, ceramics, pigments, battery materials, catalyzers, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, foods etc. we are of your assistance.

  • Measuring equipment we use:
    Wet/Dry particle size distribution measuring analyser, Model LA-90 made of Horiba Mfg. Co
  • Measuring principle :
    Laser diffraction / scattering (by Mie scattering theory) particle size analysing method
  • Sample mass volume:
    ca. 10mg ~ 5g (It differs depending on sample properties)
  • Measuring range:
    0.1 ~ 3000 μm (Dry method), 0.01 to 1000μm (Wet method)

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