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Turbo Screener

Turbo Screener is a high performance classification machine with flexible screen made of plastic. Inside the cylindrical screen powder is dispersed in Radial direction by rotating blades and the inner surface of screen is hit by powder mass. Thus powder is forcibly passed through the screen, At the same time screen gets pulsation caused by the hitting shock with powder.



  1. Possible to classify powder with very fine screen opening size
    As screen pulsation prevents screen from clogging, difficult powder can be classified.

  2. Agglomerates are disintegrated by rotating blades
    Soft lumps of agglomeration can be disintegrated by rotating blades during classification process.

  3. Easy dismantling and cleaning
    Turbo screener is designed to meet GMP specifications, and it can be dismantled and cleaned with ease in a very short time.

  4. High throughput despite its compact size
    As the throughput per unit screen area of Turbo Screener is very high comparing to conventional vibration screen, high capacity can be obtained even with a small machine.


TYPE TS100×125 TS125×200 TS250×200
Screen size
φ100×125L φ125×200L φ250×200L
Effective screen area (cm2) 392 785 1,570
Motor (kw) 0.2 0.75 0.75
Rotor speed (r/min) 350~2,000 300~1,800 150~1,000
Approx. weight (kg) 45 70 180
TYPE TS350×200 TS350×300 TS500×400
Screen size
φ350×200L φ350×300L φ500×400L
Effective screen area (cm2) 2,198 3,298 6,283
Motor (kw) 2.2 2.2 3.7
Rotor speed (r/min) 120~800 120~800 100~550
Approx. weight (kg) 280 350 450